DC Motor Controllers

The Sevcon SC1000 range of controllers has been designed for traction and pump motor applications using either Series or Permanent Magnet motors. These controllers have a proven track record in numerous demanding applications around the world.

Proven track record
Neutral and plug braking
Current limiting
Single, two and four quadrant
       versions available
Four quadrant switching
   eliminate  the need for direction

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High Reliability
The integrated micro-controller at the heart of the SC 1000 series significantly reduces component count, resulting in maximum reliability at minimum cost. Unique speed control system (patent protected) helps meet EC regulations without the need for an external sensor.


Small pallet trucks, sweepers, scissor lifts, golf carts, marine and other electric vehicles fitted with Series or Permanent Magnet DC motors.




Increased Flexibility
As application programs are stored in Flash Memory, the controllercan be easily reprogrammed, increasing flexibility and commonality of system design.

Inputs and Outputs
Various standard configurations of digital and analog inputs and outputs (I/O) are available, suitable for many applications. Functions can include throttle input, direction and limit switch inputs, together with contactor drives.

Rugged Endurance
Rigorous testing that includes the harshest temperature, vibration, and humidity trials, ensure that SC1000 controllers deliver unparalleled reliability.

Simple Diagnostics and Service
The highly visible diagnostic LED provides “no tools” fault finding assistance.

Series Motor Traction & Pump
The Sc1000 controllers offer such standard features as a belly switch (for pedestrian trucks), speed cutback, and neutral braking.

Permanent Magnet Traction
SC1200 / SC1400 are for use with permanent magnet DC motors. The SC1200 offers 2-quadrant control, and the SC1400 offer full 4-quadrant control for contactor-less direction control.


General Specifications

 Version 1-Quadrant 2-Quadrant 4-Quadrant
  Series Traction/Pump Permanent
 Battery voltage (VDC) 24 to 36 and 36/48 24 to 36 24to 36
 2-min. cont. current (A) 180 / 250 100 / 180 75 / 100
 1hr cont. current (A) 80 / 95 45 / 80 25 / 45
 Logic Integrated I/O
 Switching frequency (kHz) 16
 Operating temperature (ºC) -30 to +40
 Storage temperature (ºC) -40 to +90
 Vibration 6 G from 40 Hz to 200 Hz, 1 hr in all planes
 Environmental protection IP34